About us

NBK Architects was established in 1993 by Neil Burke Kennedy following six years working with Burke-Kennedy Doyle Architects. Joined by Mark Whelan in 2009, the company has continually maintained a reputation for creative, cutting edge and award winning design across a variety of architectural genres, developing a broad portfolio of commercial, retail and residential work.

A heavy focus on innovative and intelligent design in combination with appropriate detailing allow us to produce a buildings environment that is client focussed, sustainable, adaptable and comfortable, while not compromising on aesthetic quality. This is an ethos which does not distinguish between building envelope, landscaping, interior, environmental or technical considerations.

Through the years we have won numerous awards and have a good reputation within the industry, our team are very dedicated to the pursuit of progressive architecture. Our goal is simply to deliver the finished product , on time and on budget , with the aim to exceed expectations.

The company has worked in Ireland and abroad, completing projects in the UK, Belgium & Vietnam. We are currently finishing work in Marocco and St. Tropez, France.

Our team